Episode 50. Five Questions to Discover + Connect

Join me this week as I share my five favorite questions you can use to connect with yourself, with your partner, with a cherished friend, or with a new friend.

These are some of my favorite questions to ask ever, and I want to share them with you.

In this episode, I share:

  • Five thought provoking questions (+ one bonus question) that you can use to discover + connect with yourself, a loved one, or new friend/partner
  • How asking good questions can help us fulfill a core need we all have – to be seen, known, and cherished
  • I hope you’ll take time this week to ask yourself these questions, and take time in the next week to ask a friend or partner these questions too

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Full episode transcript below:

Welcome to today's episode, Five Questions to Discover + Connect. For today's episode, which it is the 50th episode of this podcast. I am really excited about that. That's a goal that I set a year ago.  I committed to doing this podcast for 50 episodes. I'm going to keep going. 

But it feels really good to meet a goal that I set a year ago. And it has definitely been a challenge to be consistent as a creative person. But I have just loved this experiment, and I've loved getting to record these, and talk to you, and share my thoughts, week over week. 

So for today's episode, I wanted to share an offering of sorts.  I'm going to share five questions that you can use to connect with yourself, with a partner, with a cherished friend, or maybe even a new friend. 

These are some of my favorite questions to ask ever. And I wanted to share them with you today so that you can  put them to use for you, and to  strengthen and reveal more in your relationships, to go deeper. 

I love learning about myself and about people in general, people I care about people I don't even know. And I believe that it starts with asking good questions. 

And coming up with really thought provoking questions is actually one of my very favorite ways to spend time. I find learning and understanding myself and other people endlessly fascinating. It's what I do for work and I would do it for free. I've done it for free for the past probably 20 years. I love it so much and so much so that this just as a side note, I guess a tangent here. 

I started a project two years ago- ish, I think, yeah, it was two years ago, where I started writing these questions down that I had. And it just started organically. I was actually sitting on a beach  around my birthday. And I was just writing down all these questions that were on my mind. And over time, they formed into 365 unique questions that I organized into writing prompts. 

But really they're just really good questions.   I love thinking about that. Just still on this tangent, because it started very organically. I just had all of these questions in my mind. And I started writing them down,  sitting on the beach. And then I just kept going. I think that one day I got to like a hundred, it was crazy. I was like, whoa, this is so neat. These could become a body of work that I could share with other people.   And now they are, two years later. There's 365 unique writing prompts as part of a program that I have. 

And what I think is so interesting about them is that  these questions, these writing prompts, are unlike any that I've ever seen. They're very specific, I think they're expansive questions, they are spacious. There's no right or wrong. Yes or no. It's very much encouraging exploration and discovery. And I'm sharing a couple of those with you today, too. So that's the purpose of this tangent. 

Let's get into those questions. 

Question number one: you are a human being, spinning around in space. We tend to take life SO SERIOUSLY. But, what do you really want to experience out of this one life that you have? And when you ask this question or consider it for yourself, I would encourage you to put aside the material things, or look at the material wants that you have and try to uncover what need they're meeting. Like basically, why do you really want these things? 

And then ask yourself, do you know why? Why do you want these things specifically? Why does this matter to you? Whether it's material or not? 

Question number two: what emotions do you tend to experience most often? And what are three emotions that you want to feel more often? And then once you've shared them or listed them, then ask yourself why those three? Why do you want to experience those three emotions more often? 

Question number three: what do you believe about yourself and your ability to have  be  do  create what you desire? I love this question. I think it's so revealing. I ask myself that all the time, because I keep uncovering and learning new things. 

Question number four: what is something recent that you're proud of? Another one of my favorite questions ever. 

Question number five: what is your favorite thing about yourself? 

I mean, I'm going to say it again. These are all my favorite questions. So that's why I'm sharing with you today. I love that one a lot too. 

And then a bonus question because I just couldn't narrow it down to five. Bonus question: what are three peak life experiences you've had so far? 

And if you don't know what a peak life experiences, let me look up the definition. 

Okay, so  peak life experiences were originally defined by Abraham Maslow and he defines peak life experiences as the most wonderful experiences of your life, those moments of  ecstasy, and complete and utter happiness.  

A couple other ways that I like to think about peak life experiences are times when you have felt like your favorite self, or times that you felt quote 'high on life'. Times you felt most alive. Moments when you felt the most like yourself and the most connected to what's important to you. And here's the definition by Abraham Maslow- peak life experiences are defined as "moments of highest happiness and fulfillment". 

So think about those definitions when you think about that question, what are three peak life experiences you've had so far? It doesn't need to be, what are your top three? Just like what are three of them to consider? For yourself and document them, or to ask a friend or a partner what there's have been. 

 Okay, so there you go. You have the questions, my five plus one bonus favorite questions to ask, and deliberate, and inquire of other people. I would love to encourage you to ask yourself these questions. And maybe you set a time over the next week to ask a partner or a close friend, these questions too, or a new friend. 

We all want to be known, seen, and cherished for who we are. And I believe that deep conversations, where we share our heart with someone that we care about and trust, is a beautiful way to meet that core need. And I think that really good,  juicy questions definitely help us get there. 

And who knows what conversations might spur from these questions. It might reveal something that's just hanging out, just below the surface of your awareness, or on the edge of your awareness that you might get access to and who knows where that will take you? I love to think about that too. What is constantly being revealed to us when we are seeking, when we're being introspective, when we're excavating and uncovering. 

I'm so glad that you were here and that we get to walk our paths together. See you next time. Same time, same place. Bye for now.

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