Hi, I’m Jen!

    I’m the owner and jeweler of Moulton and Moulton Heirlooms. I’m an identical twin, fourth generation entrepreneur, and hail from a family of creatives (they would say hobbyists). I met my husband, Matt, fourteen years ago, in college. We’ve been married for six years and live in Austin, TX . Charlie and Reese, our two sweet pups, are my best buds. I love to learn, make, travel, cook, read, experiment, and try new things. Two words that I operate by are awe and wonder and I make a point to seek them out in everyday experiences in my work, with friends, in my home, and during travel.

    Heirlooms are why I make. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve considered that items can be handed down and the idea of passing special objects on always captivated me. Heirlooms were emphasized in my family — every night we ate dinner on my great-grandparents’ dining table, my grandmother collected and wore (and let me try on and ask to hear the stories over and over) family jewelry, my husband and I were gifted a quilt for our wedding that his great-grandmother sewed by hand, etc. Creating items that stand the test of time, both in design and in construction, is why I started making as a teenager and why I continue to make in my 30’s. I’ve created a career out of making and it’s also what I do in my free time.

    I’ve always loved to surround myself with keepsakes, momentos, and heirlooms. I also love to travel — I view travel as an investment in personal development and a way to become a better human. My most favorite thing ever is collecting handmade, keepsake objects on travels. I think about both the memories of the trip, as well as the hands (and years of experience) that made the object, every time I use them. That feeling is what I strive for in my work — to make meaningful objects that may be simple in design but evoke memories, sentimentality, and maybe even awe in the owner every time they put on, feel, twist, or adjust their heirloom.  

    My jewelry calling began with a childhood interest in family heirlooms. My grandmother was both a collector of jewelry from her travels and the keeper family heirlooms. She wore her own wedding bands daily and was the keeper of my great-grandmother wedding ring as well. I adored spending time with my grandmother, trying our family jewelry on, and listening to the history of each piece over and over. The wedding rings were simple gold designs with interior engraving (hidden secrets and promises to my child’s mind).

    I would inspect the hand engraving of my great-grandmother’s band, admire the script, think about their partnership of 64 years. I would imagine their wedding day in 1921 — their nerves, their excitement, their beginning. I feel lucky that I knew my great-grandmother (GrannyAnne to my sisters and me) for the first few years of my life and I distinctly remember her gold wedding band on her 93-year-old beautiful, boney hand. My great-grandmother wore her wedding band for seventy years.

    As a child I would play with my grandparents’ wedding bands while they wore them, holding their hand and spinning their rings around and around. I would look at my grandparents’ bands, before and after their deaths, and think about their nearly fifty years of marriage. Of their determination to marry despite her family’s objections. Of their complicated lives that included entrepreneurship, opening and closing businesses, health crises, four children, seven grandchildren, and so many memories.

    From the youngest age, wedding rings came to represent an enormous amount to me — lineage, heritage, commitment, partnership, and so much more that I don’t have words for.

    I’ve been fortunate to work for myself the past several years and collaborate with brands such as Madewell. I spend my work time making, tinkering, and ruminating. I’m looking forward to sharing more behind-the-scenes and thought pieces. Please be in touch if you have any questions.