Hi, I’m Jen!

I help artists and creatives learn INTUITIVE LISTENING so you can hear yourself, your DESIRES, and your unique DIRECTION as you create what you feel called to do in the world.

My Story

I was born in a family of makers and grew up creating alongside my mother and grandmother. But this was no idyllic childhood. My father left our family when I was four, and art became the tool I turned to as a child to cope with the loss.

Being abandoned set me on a life-long journey to discover my identity, my worth, and where I belonged in the world. And every step of the way, I made space for art in my life. Practicing my art helped me unearth the answers to those questions.

I was later diagnosed with ovarian cancer at 24 and again, my art practice carried me through the fear and uncertainty of that time. Essentially, art has formed the undercurrent of my life, defining who I am and buoying me through the storms.

I suppose there was no way I was ever not going to be an artist. But then the time came when I became a successful artist. I was able to generate enough sales to sustain my lifestyle and started to attract national partnerships. But there’s nothing like success to really make you question who you are…

It turns out that success is an inside job.

It wasn’t until I experienced coaching that I found the tools to unearth all the thoughts and beliefs around making art and being an artist that were holding me back. Coaching gave me the clarity and confidence I needed to create again, redefine success for myself, and enjoy the satisfaction of finishing projects I had been stuck on for so long.

My Why

Creatives often find me when they’re working with a new medium, or they feel stuck on a project they’ve been meaning to create for years, but haven’t been able to finish. When they are reclaiming their identity as an artist after a life transition or event. Or when simply trying to define exactly what artistic success means for them and how to create that and more.

Art is intensely personal. It makes us question who we are, our value, our worth, our output. And yet, we can’t not make art. Even when we have a vision of something that seems impossible to create, that vision never leaves us because impossible or not, it is ours to bring to reality.

I hold a BA in Psychology and am a Master Certified Life + Creativity Coach. I’ve been a creative entrepreneur for over ten years. I’ve experienced creative success, and success that is fulfilling and aligned. Now, it is an honor to help other artists usher their work into the world, and I firmly believe that we shape the world for the better with each piece we create.