Here's what's worse than waiting for a creative breakthrough:

Creative blocks happen to all of us. In most cases, all it takes is a change of pace and a bit of inspiration to get back into the flow. But if you’ve been stuck on the same creative goal for too long, you know that there’s no nightmare worse than the idea of looking back at your life and being faced with your own unfulfilled potential.

Worse still, the road to unfulfilled potential is paved with thoughts such as:

“I’m not ready yet.”

“I’m not capable.”

“I don’t work in this medium.”

“Someone else probably already had this same idea and is going to do it better.”

“No one will buy this.”

“No one will get it.”

And yet, there’s no walking way from the vision in your mind’s eye. You’ve planned the project out, bought the materials, and put it on your to-do list. You might even have made some false starts, only to keep putting it back on your list of New Year’s resolutions, year after year.

To walk away would be to leave your creative potential unfulfilled. And the longer this goes on, the more the feelings of smallness and shame start to spiral.

But there’s no need to stay stuck there.

What if you were able to simply let your creativity flow?

Imagine having all the pieces in place to just be fully present in the act of creation. No fear. No beating yourself up over negative thoughts. Just you and the full expression of your creative vision.

How would it feel to be able to claim your creative confidence?

What would it be like to be crystal clear about what you want to create, why you need to create it, and what the next step forward is going to be?

What would change if you could finally bring your long-held vision to life?

I help artists and creatives clear the self-doubt and mental drama so that they can fulfill their creative potential.

I was born in a family of artists. Growing up, making art helped me process and cope with a difficult childhood. Later in life, art helped me get through my cancer diagnosis until I could be cancer-free.

I’ve also reached success as an artist, making modern, heirloom quality jewelry that helped my clients create meaning that would last through generations. This got me recognition and partnerships with national brands such as Madewell.

It also got me a huge case of impostor syndrome.

Doubting myself, I quickly got overwhelmed, burned out, and was unable to scale my success because I was stuck in self-doubt.

As an artist, I am intimately familiar with the thoughts that hold us back from creation, but I’ve also learned what it takes to unblock the limiting beliefs keeping us stuck.

I hold a BA in Psychology and became a Certified Life and Business Coach, because it is my passion to help artists clear the mental drama and tap into the creative power that is already inside of them.

Together, we will:

— Identify the beliefs keeping you stuck

— Define your artistic goal & break it down into AN achievable PLAN

— Address the mental drama that pops up as you achieve that goal

— give you the tools you need to confidently conquer future projects on your own

You'll learn how to:

— build your belief in your creative connection and intuition

— Take forward action withOUT relying on your level of motivation so that you can drop into your creative flow whenever you choose

— create aligned art without the mental drama

— get away from perfectionism, paralysis, and procrastination to take courageous action


"I was skeptical about coaching before, but after our sessions she made me realize how important it was to talk through things with someone.

Jen helped me to realize that not all of my thoughts were negative but many were positive, and to be aware and celebrate them. I now take note of these and keep them around for me to look at daily. I really appreciated our time working together!”

- Noelle, Austin TX

Get Creative Flow Coaching

Ready to get unstuck and into your creative flow? Get four months of private coaching designed to help you finally achieve your creative goals.

Inside, you’ll get:

— Four months of 1:1 coaching

— Unlimited written coaching between sessions

— Weekly lessons + assignments designed to take your personal work deeper

— Enrollment in The Daily-ish Writer and mini courses

— The opportunity to join the advanced Creative Being group after you complete the program for continued community and support.

Your Investment:  $4000

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Here's What Clients Say

"working together gave me the accountability and encouragement I needed"

"we uncovered and worked through so much more"

"I’m so grateful for our sessions"

“When I started working with Jen I was feeling really scattered. I had big goals I wanted to achieve, but I felt so stuck in the gap between imagining them and actually taking the steps to make them happen.

She helped me get curious about my emotions instead of being so overwhelmed by them, and she created a really calm and affirming space to explore. Working together gave me the accountability and encouragement I needed to start getting un-stuck and to see how working towards my goals could actually be possible for me.

“My first sessions with Jen were like a meeting with an old friend. Comfortable, easy. She has created a beautiful landing pad for you to share whatever it is that is holding you back, and to help guide you towards your truth.

I showed up with a clear reason behind seeking out coaching and what we uncovered and worked through ended up being so much more. She is a natural listener and communicates ideas with ease. I’m so grateful for our time together each week, excited to continue progressing towards my big goals!”

“Jen has a true gift for coaching. She’s an incredible listener and helped me to surface and objectively see what was keeping me from moving forward, as well as to celebrate the bright spots that I wasn’t giving myself credit for.

Through Jen’s skillful use of tools and worksheets, I was able to build up new skills of working through challenges and continue my progress outside of our sessions. I’m so grateful for our sessions and would highly recommend Jen as a coach.”

- Tyler, Austin TX

- Rebecca, Austin TX

- Theresa, Boston MA


Let me help you bridge the gap between your creative dream and a tangible reality.

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Creative coaching identifies the thoughts and beliefs keeping you stuck, and shifts them in ways so that you can take action and bring your creative vision to life.

It is not a substitute for therapy, but unlike talk therapy, it works to provide the structure and accountability needed to reach your specific creative goals.

What is getting coached like?

We'll meet and brainstorm a plan for you to finally create your passion project - the one you think about a lot and set goals for (but never seems to get done). We'll get to know each other better and talk about what you’d like to achieve with coaching.

What happens During a Passion Project Planning Session?

Will you help me make money as an artist?

This coaching program is primarily focused on your inner work, because artistic success is hard to sustain in the face of self-doubt. However, I do have experience running a business around my art, and can share that experience as it is relevant to your goals.

If you have further questions before you apply, click here to use the contact form and I’ll respond within 48 hours.

What if I have more questions?


Reclaim your creative confidence and unlock your full potential.

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