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you if:

You're on the cusp of a personal or professional transition and want a strategic thought partner to walk alongside you, uncover blindspots, learn *intuitive listening*, + utilize your inner wisdom as you become the Fully Expressed Creative (+ human) that you feel called to become.


There's nothing worse than waiting for creative inspiration to strike.

Most Creatives find me because they aren’t making their work in the world, and they want to be.

My view is that it’s deeper than just avoiding the work - a deep shift is being called for first.

The kind of shift that is at the identity level.

I *know* that you know if this shift is calling to you.

If you’re ready to transform, I’m ready to guide you on your path.

I’ve done it many times myself (my story is pretty extraordinary - childhood trauma, family estrangement, a cancer journey that woke me from living my life out of obligation and lit a fire under my butt to follow my creative calling, and more).

I’ve been in that deeply-confusing-uncertainty-filled liminal space many times.

I know how to guide you through.

I’ll believe in you while you build your own unshakeable belief.

I’ll help you uncover your own wisdom (about what you want to do next).

And I’ll teach you to re-establish a deep connection with yourself, so you’re tapped in and hearing what you really want (not what you think you should want).

I have no idea what you should do.

And I won’t ever tell you what to do.

I also have no idea what your journey will look like.

But you do.

Ready to get started?

I help Creatives with their brains, emotions, and the ups and downs of living a creative life.

I was born in a family of artists. Growing up, making art helped me process and cope with a difficult childhood. Later in life, art helped me get through my cancer diagnosis until I could be cancer-free.

I’ve also reached success as an artist, making modern heirloom jewelry that created meaning for my clients that would last through generations. This got me recognition and partnerships with national brands such as Madewell.

It also got me a huge case of impostor syndrome.

Doubting myself, I quickly got overwhelmed, burned out, and was unable to scale my success because I was stuck in self-doubt.

As an artist, I am intimately familiar with the thoughts that hold us back from creation, but I’ve also learned what it takes to unblock the limiting beliefs keeping us stuck. And the journey we each undertake to discover and define OUR unique creative path.

I hold a BA in Psychology and became a Master Certified Life and Business Coach, because it is my passion to help artists clear the mental drama and tap into the creative power that is already inside of them.

I work with Creative women who feel like they’ve done as much work as they can themselves, and are yearning to become the next version of themselves. They have the raw materials ready to go, feel ready to do the (sometimes painful) work of shedding who they used to be, and want to discover the next version of themselves and their creative work.

Our work will take you from an overwhelmed + inconsistent to an intuitive, Fully Expressed Creative - however you define Fully Expressed 💫.

Together, we will:

— Identify the beliefs keeping you stuck

— Release what no longer feels like you

— Gently excavate wisdom from You 1.0 (who you were) to become You 2.0 (who you’re becoming)


— give you the tools you need to confidently conquer future CREATIVE PROJECTS on your own

You'll learn how to:

— build your belief in your creative connection and intuition

— Take forward action withOUT relying on your level of motivation so that you can drop into your creative flow whenever you choose

— create aligned art without the mental drama

— get away from perfectionism, paralysis, and procrastination to take courageous action


Coaching can feel like an investment, but trust me, time spent one-on-one with Jen is worth it!"

Every session, Jen added value, clarity, and insight that I truly believe I wouldn't have gotten if I had worked with anyone else. I cannot wait to work with her again.

- Meghan L.


(or $800 x 4 months)

Inside, you’ll get:

— Our first call will be a 75min Deep Dive call where we'll make a personalized plan to address your desired outcomes

— Over the next four months, we'll meet for seven 60 minute sessions (2x/month)

— You'll have access to audio/text support between sessions

— Enrollment in The Resource Library

— Self-study curriculum + exercises

Here's What Clients Say

No more:

No more losing yourself, pushing through, ‘just one more time’, all the way to burnout.

No more creating xyz because it’s what you think you need to do to be successful.

No more looking outside yourself for permission (or answers) from someone else.

No more compromising yourself because it’s what you think you need to do.

I can teach you how to:

— Establish a partnership with yourself that is rooted in wholeness, care for oneself, and self-trust.

— As that foundational partnership is established, make and create ALL of your creative making from there.

✓ Feel in control of your creativity (not just wait for the muse to strike)

✓ Feel intuitive (and to be able to create intuitively)

✓ Experience joy and bliss while making

Feel proud of what you make (NO MATTER ‘how good' it turned out). You feel pride in the ways you showed up, not in what you create.

✓ Make consistent time for your creative practice (a practice that works for you, that you can drop into whenever you want)

✓ Develop a compassionate inner voice that narrates your world in an empowering way (you might not know this, but it’s what you really want)

Interested in


Let me help you bridge the gap between your creative dream and a tangible reality.

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The answer is: it varies from person to person. The constant thread is that we will uncover what feels in the way of you creating (and living) the creative practice (and life) you want.

My approach is intuitive, resonant, and holistic. I pair my undergraduate education in Psychology, with neuroscience, intuition, and causal coaching. I’ve been told by clients that my coaching style is unique, and exactly what they were looking for. If you show up with all of yourself, you will undergo the transformation you are looking for.

Coaching is not a substitute for therapy, but unlike talk therapy, it works to provide the structure and accountability needed to reach your specific creative goals.

What is getting coached like?

The Fully Expressed Creative Coaching Program is customized to each client's unique situation + desires.

Every new client begins with a 75min Deep Dive call where we'll make a personalized plan to address your desired outcomes. Over the next four months, we'll meet for seven 60 minute sessions (2x/month). You'll have access to audio/text support between sessions

You'll be enrolled in the Client Portal and have access to self-study curriculum + exercises, as well as a bonus: enrollment in The Resource Library.

If you're ready to learn mindset, habits, and behavior change to bridge skill gaps you have around turning project ideas into real things, then you're in a great position to apply. The Fully Expressed Creative Coaching Program is a hybrid of mindset coaching, habit change, and behavior coaching. Everyone has access to the same curriculum, but coaching sessions are tailored to you.

What can i expect from the FULLY EXPRESSED CREATIVE coaching program?

How do I know if I'm ready for coaching?

My best advice is: you know when you know. If you have a resonant feeling with what you're reading and engaging with my work, maybe you even keep thinking about it, then there is no better time to apply for coaching.

Or, you might choose to first take one of the courses I offer on Financial Mindset, Mission Clarity, Intuition, or Starting Your Creative Project. The courses are self-study, but each includes two 1:1 strategy sessions with me.

The courses are excellent if you'd like to learn, engage with my style, and meet me. Coaching is if you know you're ready to dive deep, and transform into the next iteration of YOU.

Will you help me make money as an artist?

This coaching program is primarily focused on your inner work, because artistic success is hard to sustain in the face of self-doubt. However, I do have experience running a business around my art, and can share that experience as it is relevant to your goals.

If you have further questions before you apply, click here to use the contact form and I’ll respond within three business days.

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Transform into the next iteration of YOU + become an

Intuitive, Fully Expressed Creative?

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