My work is to teach INTUITIVE LISTENING so you can KNOW yourself, your DESIRES, and your unique DIRECTION as you create what you feel called to do in the world.

Begin today with 366 unique writing prompts shared with you daily (while you sleep!).

The Daily Writing Prompts are supportive and thoughtful prompts to BEFRIEND your Creative Self.

Spend 5-8 minutes daily-ish, for a year, strengthening the most important relationship of your life (YOU).

Sit down + know what to write about. Every time.





What is it:

Personalized, private one-to-one coaching.

You'll learn:

The WHAT and WHY of embodying Intuitive Creativity so you can find your unique HOW.

This is for you if:

You're on the cusp of a personal or professional transition and want a strategic thought partner to walk alongside you, uncover blindspots, learn *intuitive listening*, + utilize your inner wisdom as you become the Fully Expressed Creative (+ human) that you feel called to become.

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Intuition, creativity + mindset

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For Creative women who want to take their ideas from concept > reality using their intuition.

Inspiration, fun real life things, and a BTS of being a creative entrepreneur

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What if you could develop a daily practice that documents your life, your growth, and where you’re going?

The Daily-ish Writer teaches you HOW to develop a daily(-ish) writing practice.

And, you will sit down and know exactly what to write about. Every time.

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