Episode 01: Creative Breakdowns and What’s Possible

Join me this week as I introduce the Creative Momentum podcast, tell you a bit about me and my story, share what I believe is possible for you, and where I envision this podcast going. I am so excited to share this podcast with you, and I’m so glad you’re here and that we get to walk our paths together!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The exact moment that led me to change my career focus from jewelry to coaching creatives
  • What my ‘creative breakdown’ taught me
  • The only thing I’ve changed in the past two years, that’s changed everything for me

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x, Jen

Full episode transcript below:

Hi, and welcome to the creative moment and podcast.

I am so thrilled to be here with you. And I just have to share how excited I am to be sharing this podcast with you.

My name is Jen Moulton and I'm a creative life coach. I work with creative women who are showing up and making their brilliant ideas, just like the ones you are currently daydreaming about real things. This podcast has been years in the making and I am so excited for everything I have in store. Each week I'll be coming on and sharing a pep talk with you. I'm going to teach you how to show up and keep showing up for yourself and the work that matters the most to you. You'll learn how to work with your self doubt, how to create motivation and how to discover your creative joy and get into flow. And so many other amazing topics, if I can say so myself. I believe that life is a creative act. And if you need inspiration and support, you are in the right place.

I want to tell you a little bit about me and how I ended up here talking to you through this microphone. Growing up, making art helped me process and cope with a difficult childhood. And again, in my early twenties, I returned to making art to help me get through my cancer diagnosis and treatment. Eleven years later, I'm right here on my own creative journey and I'm sharing what I'm learning along the way with you. Which is my very favorite thing to do. I reached success. I put that in air quotes as an artist, I was making modern heirloom jewelry for my clients I loved the idea of making jewelry with them that was deeply meaningful and had some hidden design elements that only they would know about and that they would be able to pass on in their family for generations. Making this jewelry got me or the recognition and partnerships that I was dreaming about, one of which was Made well. And it also got me a huge case of imposter syndrome. I was elated the day that partnership went live. Elated. For about 10 minutes. Then my self doubt and the imposter syndrome feelings crept right back in. It was devastating and it was also freeing because in that moment I really got that nothing I accomplished or created was going to let me outrun this sense of doubt and failure and fear of failure that followed me around like a dark cloud. I knew that if a partnership with a major brand like Made well, didn't make me feel elated for more than 10 minutes, that nothing I accomplished or was seeking outside of myself, was going to create that feeling for me. That feeling of satisfaction and deep purpose that I had been seeking.

I had this constant monologue going through my head that was always hovering around me. It was telling me that my work didn't matter, that my work was frivolous and that I should be doing something more important or impactful with my life. Living in self-doubt was overwhelming. I would go through cycles of working really hard and then step back because I was burned out. And no matter how hard I tried, I was unable to scale my business the way I wanted, because I didn't trust myself enough to keep saying yes to new opportunities and keep trying and experimenting with new ideas.

As an artist, I'm intimately familiar with the thoughts that hold us back from creating. And I've also learned what it takes to unblock the limiting beliefs that keep us stuck. And here's one thing I want you to know. There may be external circumstances that are out of your control. But, when we look, we can always find our piece, our work to do and how we are contributing to our experience.

And that's what I'm going to be coming on weekly and talking to you about. As I went through my creative breakdown, which is how I think of it, I came out determined to figure this out for myself. I promised myself that when I figured it out, I would turn around and I would share this information and knowledge with my creative peers. I believe so deeply that if you have a project or an idea that is tugging at you, that is on your heart, that you are here to realize it. And that the biggest thing that is holding you back is your own disbelief and self doubt, in yourself and your abilities. This work is freeing. And it's a little uncomfortable at times, but it's so very worth it. I would choose it a thousand times over from where I was, which was lost, confused, and seriously suffering from not believing in myself. I truly believe that whatever's calling you is meant for you and it's your job to become the type of person who realizes it. To develop the capacity to make your idea a real thing. You don't need to learn one more skill or take some more time to feel ready.

You have everything you need inside you. And you just need to trust that and take the next right action. The next step that you most likely have a hunch about and might be dismissing or trying to avoid doing. My passion is to help artists and creatives clear the mental drama and tap into the creative power that is already inside of them. In the coming episodes, I'm going to be talking about topics like the delay between effort and result, three steps to creating anything that you're currently thinking about, being a deep feeler, being a better friend to yourself, transformation, fear, and so much more.

In each episode, I'll be giving you simple, practical advice that you can implement this week. I am so glad that you were here and that we get to walk our path this together.

See you next time. Same time, same place. Bye. For now.

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