Episode 47. Mapping Your Intuition

Join me this week as I share a new concept I’ve been tinkering with: Mapping Your Intuition. 

I explain how to unravel the steps and actions taken to create something you want, and remind you of how important it is to take ownership of your role in the things you’ve created.

In this episode, I share:

  • The steps to follow to create an Intuition Map
  • How to work backwards to identify actions that led to past creations
  • Recognizing inner wisdom
  • And how to apply this process to create things you’re currently wanting

I also share about the importance of staying open and receptive to intuitive nudges for future creations.

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Full episode transcript below:

Welcome to today's episode, Mapping Your Intuition. 

Mapping Your Intuition is a concept that I've been tinkering with, to uncover exactly how we create what we want, so how we've done it in the past, and then what can we learn from it, to apply to what we wanna create in the future. 

I think of it as like a knot with many threads. And once we start to pick apart the knot, we see the ways that each thread  is linked together, is connected, maybe overlaps with other threads, to create this whole knot, which in this example, the knot is something that we have created that we wanted. 

I think we can use this method to uncover how you've created things that you want. And then utilize it to tap into your intuition, to learn wisdom that you can apply to what you wanna create in the future. 

I'm gonna share the process on today's episode, and there will be a  download available in The Resource Library that you can use to navigate this process if you wanna join that. And if you want to dive deeper into this. 

So the first step in mapping your intuition is to think about the thing that you want. And let's start by thinking about something that you wanted, that you have, that you've already created. In the future you can work through this with something that you are actively wanting to create and have. But let's start with something that you already have so that you can get the steps down. 

And I want you to see yourself as the hero here. You created this thing in your life. You did it. A lot of us are like, oh, it happened because of this. This is like how I did it. No, you created it. You made it happen. You took a lot of steps to make it happen. So number one, take ownership over that. And number two, let's dig into looking for the nudges that you received that led you to work towards creating it.

What were maybe some aligned actions that you took, things that worked and things that didn't, but that you learned from? I find it really helpful to work backwards. What's the last thing I did? Then the thing before that? Like a reverse breadcrumb trail. Or if we go back to the knot analogy, what was the last thread you untangled and then the thread before that?

We wanna record all the breadcrumbs, all the threads, and take proud responsibility for everything that you've done that has gotten you what you wanted, that helped you create the thing.

  Keep going until you get to the first inkling you had of the idea, and maybe it shifted over time. That's great, totally fine, but keep excavating, keep following the threads and witnessing all of your brilliance,  all of the ways in which you just kept following the lily pads and slowly, or maybe quickly, built or created exactly what you wanted. And all of the ways that you brilliantly did that.

I don't think we give ourselves enough credit. I think, like I said a minute ago, I think a lot of times we think like, oh, this happened because of this, or like, oh, I was just lucky, or whatever. No, you are brilliant. And if you are creating things that are really meaningful to you, that means that you are utilizing your inner wisdom to do it, your inner brilliance to do it.

You're tapping into that place inside of you that only you have, and that guides you to creating things that are really meaningful to you. We wanna celebrate that and we also wanna like spend more time there, tap into it, let's explore it.  Let's feel more intimately familiar with it so that it's a place that you can tap into more frequently and when you want to, not feeling like it's just this thing that happens by chance.

So this is how you create an intuition map. You record what you've done, every single thing. You acknowledge your brilliance and your inner wisdom that guided you here, that led you to create the thing and all of the many things along the way, right? Because because like the thing that you have or have created, that you want, that is made up of a lot of mini things that happened along the way.

And what I want you to realize is how much of a badass you are for creating it, and that there was a partnership that helped you do so. If you want to hear more about the partnership, go back and listen to episode 26, it's titled Intuition + Creativity = Flow.  To me, there's this alchemical process when we utilize our problem solving skills, this amazingly  powerful brain that we were all given, plus our inner wisdom, our inner knowing, this intangible undefined place that we can't fully define and we definitely cannot fully understand. When we pair those two together, and we take something and transform it by taking these raw parts a level deeper, and pairing them together in this alchemical process, and making these invisible callings that we have or invisible nudges/ ideas visible. By taking something that only you can see and making it explicit in the world. So that's what Episode 26 is about. In my opinion, it's a very interesting one, I've heard a lot of really great feedback about it, and  it's there to support you in partnering more deeply with your intuition.

 Okay, so that is an overview of mapping your intuition. And again, I'm gonna repeat it one more time.   I know I've already said it, but you choose something that you have created for this first one. You look at every single thing that you did to make it real. Every nudge, every experiment, every obstacle, every success. You acknowledge yourself for all of the amazing work that you did to create it. And you keep going until you get to the original inkling of the idea and like maybe for yourself, what did that feel like? How did you even like start to follow that hunch? What was it about it that was interesting or compelling to you?

Breaking down that process for yourself. This is highly individual, but if the more you acquaint yourself to your process, the more it could be predictive. So you've unpacked it for something that you've created. Now we do the same thing for something that you wanna create. 

You state what you wanna create, what you wanna make, what you wanna see in the world. Then you familiarize yourself with the inkling that you had. How do you know? Why do you wanna do it? And then you start following the breadcrumbs that you've already done, and then  paying close attention to information that comes to you, whether through your brain or through your intuitive senses, your inner knowing, these little tugs, nudges, that's kind of how I think about them- maybe small awarenesses. 

Pay attention to those and you see the way that those are the breadcrumbs that are building the path to get you to create what it is that you want to have or see in the world. That's the mapping your intuition for something you've created and then  how you would do it for something you don't yet have.

How you would use your intuition to map the way that you're gonna create it, which I think like the open secret here is you'll never know. It's a totally unknown process. It's just gonna unfold one step at a time. And how can you tune into your senses more? Mostly probably your intuitive senses for sure, your problem solving. But how can you tune into your intuitive senses more? To be maybe more acutely aware of nudges, something that piques your interest, a little tug that you feel, and follow that breadcrumb. Then you've done that, celebrate it, and then you stay open for, okay, what's the next thing that's gonna come in?  What might be next? What's interesting? 

And then if you don't have any information, sitting in an unknown place where you're just openly awaiting, you know, not super anxious about it. Not like, Ooh, I gotta figure this out. I need to like force my way there. Just like open, ready to receive. 

When you do the Mapping Your Intuition exercise, I would encourage you to choose one big rock or one big breadcrumb, and break it all the way down. Following the mapping your intuition method that I shared earlier, to see all the ways in which you created it. 

Because trust me, you have actively created everything that you have. Even the things that you feel like just happened to you. You did the work to make them happen. You set yourself up, you set the intention, you did the inner work, you laid the groundwork, you did it. And owning that is imperative to you continuing to create what you want in your life.

If we think life is just sort of happening to us, which sometimes it is, I'm not like gonna say, oh it we are totally in control, sometimes life does happen to us, but if we think that life is always just happening to us and we don't have much participation, we're going to experience our lives very differently, and we're going to show up and operate in our lives very differently, then if we believe that we are in partnership, I would say, with the way our lives are unfolding and working out. And there's a lot that we can do on our end to influence the things that we have and do and become.

That is what I have for you today. Just a reminder, there's a download for this in the resource library if you wanna dig further into this, but there's also the instructions in this episode that you can follow. 

I am so glad that you are here and that we get to walk our paths together. See you next time. Same time, same place. Bye for now.


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