Episode 12: There is No Such Thing As A ‘Wrong’ Project

Join me this week as I share the answer to a question I hear a lot: what if this isn’t the right project? 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What making our projects shows us
  • Where those creative nudges come from
  • How all of this shows us a clearer picture of what matters most to us

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Full episode transcript below:

Welcome to today's episode. There is no such thing as a wrong project. 

Dear Creative, objectively, there is no such thing as the wrong project to work on, or a wrong project to work on. Each thing we do is leading us closer. To who we want to be, where we want to be, what we want to learn in order to have, do, or create what we're dreaming about. The very best thing you can do is follow those nudges. Whatever is currently tugging at your heart  is meant for you and is here for a reason and the best thing you can do is listen and begin showing up for it. 

Those nudges, or creative tugs, however you like to think about them,  are our intuition and our inner wisdom speaking directly to us. When we listen, we can be sure we are creating work that is aligned with what we currently know to do. 

Think about it - I hear from a lot of creatives that they aren't sure what to do next, they aren't sure how to do this thing, they aren't sure about what to do first. Or  they don't believe that they have the answers inside of them. But every single one of us has intuition, inner wisdom. Again, whatever word resonates here for you. 

It's like our inner navigation system, an inner compass that is pointing us in the quote right direction. And all we need to do is show up for it and do this one thing, right? Usually it's, it's actually usually a pretty small -take action on this one idea. This one thing. This one, like hunch that you have.  And then see what happens. And see if you get any new information. See if you have a new hunch. And if you don't,  then you just continue showing up for your project and wait to get the next bit of information.   

All of us have access to this inner wisdom -to our intuition that guides us. And gives us really everything we need for our projects. The problem is that we just don't listen to ourselves and we don't trust ourselves. We believe that someone else or an authority outside of us has our answers. But just trust me on this -only you have your answers. No one else can give them to you. 

And it's totally great and fine to seek out support and community. And obviously I'm an advocate of coaching and supporting other creatives. But I want to encourage you to look for people who direct you back to yourself for your answers. Seek out those helpers and healers and coaches and  people who love to serve. 

And make sure that they're leading you back to yourself and your own inner wisdom and guidance and helping you find that.   

And just another side note here, cause it just popped in my head, but if you're wanting to cultivate a relationship with your intuition and build and strengthen it,  one of my favorite tips for that is to just start listening to the little things. The little nudges that you get.  Like maybe one morning, you're like feeling a little groggy or something and you're like, oh wow. It would feel really nice to stop for an iced coffee on my way into work. And normal, you might be like, no, I'm not gonna do that I just wanna like, spend as much time at home as I can, or leave at the last minute, or I wanna get to work early and start on this and whatever, right. 

But that's your intuition speaking to you. It's telling you, oh, this sounds really good. This is gonna hit the spot.   There's some information here and we just don't know. Right. You could go to that coffee shop and meet someone, or you could go to that coffee shop and like get a new piece of information. We have no idea why.  

So just trust when you get those little nudges about small things- trust them follow through on them, do what they say and see where they take you.  That is like my favorite tip to building your intuition is just to start listening to whatever inner calling you have, and the small ones are the best place to start with.  

This is what I wanna eat for dinner or oh, this thing just popped in my head I should stop at this store for some reason. Like start listening to those inner nudges and see where it takes you. 

Okay, so  your first step is to do. What, you know, do it today or do it tomorrow at the latest. Do it soon.  Then pay attention-  what new nudge comes up? If you don't feel it or notice or see it right away, just keep paying attention. The next piece of information will come. Then the work is to do that one, take action on that one. And on and on. 

And the best tip I could ever share with you, which I hope at this point, you aren't gonna be surprised to hear this coming out of  my mouth is. Be a good friend to yourself along the way. Always be on your own side, cheering yourself on.  It is a privilege to get, to be here and experiment and play and practice. 

And I mean, it is a privilege to get to be here on planet earth in this exact time with all the resources that we have. And all of the people in your life that you love. And all of the experiences that we get to have. And to experiment and play and practice and engage with all of these amazing things in our lives. 

If you have ever thought to yourself, I don't wanna do this wrong. This might not be the right thing to do first. What if this isn't the right project for me? What if this is just a detour, what if this doesn't work out? Now, you know, you can put those worries to bed. There is no such thing as the wrong thing to work on. 

Everything we do is leading us closer to who we really are.   And we get to glean and even clear a picture of what matters most to us. To keep making our work, which matters so much more than we can possibly know right now. Our work matters. Everything you make is having an impact. It's important. 

   I am so glad that you are here and that we get to walk our paths together. See you next time. Same time. Same place by for now. 


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