Episode 06: Ten Things Every Creative Needs To Know

Join me this week as I share ten things every creative needs to know. My hope is that this list makes your journey shorter, easier, and faster than mine has been.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The ten things every Creative needs to know 
  • Why each checklist item matters
  • How to use learning osmosis to download this checklist directly into your brain

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Full episode transcript below:

Welcome to today's episode 10 things every creative needs to know. I am super excited to share the things that I think every creative needs to know with you today. This is like my manifesto, the wisdom I've distilled down from my 10 plus years of experience. In the creative industry, coaching clients over the past few years, and my relationships with my creative peers and friends. 

I'm going to list them one through 10 for you, and then  elaborate on them as I go along.  If you're visual like me and want a download of this list, head over to www.jenmoulton.com back slash six. The number six.  And then you could download the checklist . Okay, so let's begin. 

Number one, your energy matters. It is imbued into everything you create. Literally everything you make, whether it's a loaf of bread, a floral arrangement, an illustration, a piece of jewelry, a painting. And even a relationship. 

It all contains your energy. So, whatever energy you create it with will live on in whatever you make.  Temporary things and permanent things. How you feel when you are making very much matters. 

Number two. You have a source of inner wisdom that is always available to guide you. It is always available and everyone has it. I've heard from a lot of people that they're like, I don't think I have this, but you do. We all do. And I can tell you that you hear it in the quiet moments, those gentle nudges, the ideas that won't leave you alone. 

It is often calm, quiet, and unhurried. To me, it feels like a deep well, that is still in waiting for me to pay attention to listen. To spend some time with it. 

Waiting for me to quiet down and listen for  an idea that wants to emerge, for a next step, for an answer to a question. It's like a benevolent guide, or crone, it's always there ready and waiting. 

Number three. Your goals are perfect for you. And YOU are meant to realize them. Your idea picked you to make it a real thing, and you can trust that. Trust that you have that capability, the resources, and the perfect skillset. My wish for you is that you never doubt this again. You are only given what you can handle and your ideas are meant to help you evolve and continue becoming yourself. 

Number four. The world needs your contribution. Whatever is calling you is meant for you. The world is a better place when each of us is making our contribution. We need you. Stop doubting if your work matters, it does. Someone in the world is waiting and needs it. 

Number five. Your feelings are your body's intelligent way of communicating with you. Our emotions carry so much wisdom for us. You don't need to be scared of them or work so hard to avoid them. I am speaking from firsthand experience. Feelings are here to be felt. I fully felt. And then, like a wave, they flow through us, and then recede. No feeling is permanent. And there is no need to be scared of them.  

Number six. Knowing why you want to do something will generate the fuel you need to create it. Beyond the often financial reasons for a passion project idea, why we might pursue a passion project idea, I mean. There's a reason why you want to contribute this. There's a purpose for this project being expressed. 

Getting in touch with that purpose, the WHY, supercharges your self-confidence and gives you the fuel and endurance you need to make it a real thing. 

Number seven. The reason why we do anything is because of how we think we will feel when we get it. We all have certain feeling states that we desire, and unless we know differently, we seek things outside ourselves to attain those feelings we want to feel. The reality is that nothing outside of us makes us feel the way we want to feel. It's what we believe about the thing and ourselves that generates those feelings. This is really good to know because you can feel the way you want to feel right now before you have the thing. And very often, this is how you get the thing you want. That's like my secret tip. 

Number eight. Your mind is insanely powerful. Your work is to learn how to manage it and put it to work for you. Our brains are like super computers. We are each given one and we are not given the manual for how to operate them. It is so very important to become aware of the story you tell yourself about yourself. 

That narrative is always running in the background and it dictates everything for you. And we have the capability as humans to put our brain to work for us. The first step is gaining that awareness of what we currently believe about ourselves. 

Number nine. Whatever you do to get what you want you'll have to continue doing it to keep it. I often hear that this is one of the most important things my clients learn in working with me. This is a game changer when you really get this concept. 

Many of us, try to hustle our way to where we want to be. And then we believe we'll be able to finally relax and work less and take time off and enjoy all of our hard work. Nope. If that's what you do to create it- hustle- you'll have to keep doing it to keep it. Whatever lifestyle you desire, once you quote, get there, you must begin living and creating it now, while you're in the process of making it happen. 

Number 10. You are your best resource and advocate. Be your own best friend and consult yourself for what to do. It is the most human thing in the world to seek answers outside of ourselves. To believe that someone who has more experience or success can tell you what to do, and it will work for you just like it worked for them. 

The reality is that only, you know, and only you can provide those answers. Which is why it's great news that you have a source of inner wisdom inside of you that is always available for you. The work is to learn how to tap in and build a relationship with that inner wisdom. 

There you have it. This is the list of 10 things every creative needs to know. And it's what I would share with you if we were having coffee, which it actually be tea for me. My hope is that this list makes your journey shorter, easier, and faster than mine has been. If you want to absorb this episode through learning osmosis, it's a thing-  listen to this episode a couple more times while you're actively doing something else, walking, driving, cleaning, even falling asleep. Listening while actively doing something else will access the subconscious part of your brain, and it will be more like a download directly into your brain. 

I am so glad you were here and that we get to walk our paths together. See you next time. Same time. Same place. Bye for now. 

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