What I do when I overwork [plus my new rule for work]

Hang out with me on a recent walk + talk while I share what led me to take a mid-week break recently.

I’m sharing a real-life behind the scenes video because I’m human, I have tendencies of overworking, I love what I do and could do it 24/7.

And sometimes I overdo it.

My favorite thing I shared is how I related to myself – I’m working on the SKILL of noticing when I’m working a lot and working from a low-charge battery, AND how I relate to myself when this happens.

The difference for me is that I’m being kind to myself and taking care of my needs, rather than being an asshole to myself.

So – I’m working on the skill of relating to myself when it happens (because this will happen), and I’m also working on changing the pattern I have around overworking when I have a lot on my plate. 

This is major stuff for any of us – if you tend to be perfectionistic, overwork on projects when you have a lot on your plate, and not be kind to yourself along the way – hang out with me for seven minutes so I can share what I’m learning with you.

Better yet – take this video with you on a walk and just listen to the audio and think about how this applies to you (if you’re in this community, I’m betting it does) and one thing you want to take away and implement. Reply back and let me know!


0:26 How I know when to take a break

1:00 My new rule for work

1:57 How many days in a row I’ve worked 

2:30 When I get to where I want to be, I’ll still be pushing (nothing inherently will change)

4:29 [Sunk cost fallacy] – What happens if you let that project go?

5:00 Building the skill of noticing when you’re pushing through (then change the pattern)

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