The Secret to Achieving Your BIG GOAL

I want to share my number one tip to achieving a big, scary goal with you.

It begins with getting your mind on board — you are probably very familiar with trying all the things but maybe you haven’t realized that if your mind isn’t on board, you aren’t going to achieve your goal (or you will and it will come from lots of effort and striving and ultimately burning out). The absolute best thing we can do is befriend our powerful brains and put them to use for us (and not allowing them to work against us any longer).

Once you have your mind on board, then it’s about taking the big (sometimes scary) actions that you know will take you where you want to go.

Check out this five minute pep talk to find out exactly how I do this. This is also what I teach my clients in my coaching program — and my clients are achieving goals they’ve had for a few years and many are setting new ones in our work together. Amazing!

If you’re interested in learning more about working together, send me a quick note to request a (zero pressure attached) brochure that offers an overview of the program and all the benefits.


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