Stop Looking to Your Business To Make You Feel Good

My coach Jamie said this to me last week and it’s still blowing my mind.

It makes total sense. We aren’t in business to feel comfortable, cozy, and content all the time. Yet if we are living by default, we work very hard to exist in comfort and certainty in our work.

I believe that we choose to create businesses in order to grow, stretch, and evolve. None of those feel comfortable or cozy to go through.

So by insisting on feeling comfortable and content we are putting the brakes on. Maybe you do this too — it looks like NOT doing the things you know you could and should do in order to grow.

I can tell you firsthand that not doing the big scary things feels way worse than feeling a little nervey, doing the scary thing, and then feeling the very alive, proud feelings that come afterwards. And getting to reap the rewards from showing up. Nothing feels better.

If you’re going for discomfort and embracing that your work isn’t supposed to make you comfortable, then what do you need to begin doing or include outside of work that feels good? You don’t want to drop feeling content or cozy in your life — but create them for yourself outside of work.

We were made to keep growing and evolving. Embrace the discomfort! What if those nervey feelings, whether it’s vulnerability or shame or embarrassment, lead you to your dreams?

Watch this 3 minute video pep talk to learn more and find out how I’m challenging myself to feel discomfort every day.


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