New Year’s Eve Letter to You


I hope you are having a lovely and safe holiday and new year. 

I wanted to share a brief reflection on my year, and what I’m thinking about for 2021. 

If you’re curious to look back, I’ve shared end of year reflections/new year goals in: 2019  2018  2017  2016

Like so many, this year turned my life upside down. My life looks nothing like it did one year ago. Overall, there has been drastic improvement. But I’ve had to let go (and lost) some things too. A true human experience. 

There are three major changes that happened in 2020: 

  1. I certified and completed life coach training through the best school, The Life Coach School, this year
  2. I closed my public studio and transitioned to working from home
  3. My husband, Matt, transitioned from 10+ years in public service into a partnership role at a communications firm in Austin the week before the pandemic quarantine hit the US (!)

My work life looks different

I’m in the process of outsourcing all jewelry production to a caster and production house that I am thrilled to be working with. They are family owned and exclusively use recycled materials. 2020 put a fast halt on most of my jewelry designs — there were countless delays in materials, supply chain issues that ultimately led me to pause new jewelry. Working closely with this family owned jewelry production house will allow me to launch designs that have been in the works for years, but I haven’t had time to launch. And give my body a break. I’ve dealt with lots of physical issues this year and it has become clear to me that all of the jewelry production I’ve done over the past ten years is catching up to me, and I need to find a more sustainable option. 

I’m spending more time than ever on zoom calls (aren’t we all?). I’m building a coaching practice with a focus on women transforming fear and self doubt so they can go after what they really want — that soul goal that seems unattainable. I’m wrapping up my first cohort and it has been a huge honor (and joy) to work with them and watch them grow. Doing the work works. I’m proof, and so are my clients. If you’re interested in information about my coaching you can read all about it here.

Doing the work works. I’m proof, and so are my clients. 

Home life

My home life has flourished this year, and yet it has been incredibly difficult to be home 24/7 (and I know that I am completely privileged to have the choice to stay home). It has been hard even for this very introverted introvert. My dogs have been absolutely thrilled to have us home, and I’m thankful that we’ve had so much time with them in their senior years (they are 10 and 11). Matt and I have spent an unbelievable amount of time together, and we still like each other! I consider that an accomplishment in itself. I have continued to solidify my workout habit (and begin to identify as someone who works out!). I’ve also gotten back into pottery, read a lot sewed, and learned embroidery.

Wrapping Up

I’ll save my year review and my 2021 goals for next time. I know that this year has brought immeasurable heartbreak and change for many of us. A racial reckoning that is long overdue. A pandemic that has resulted in far too many deaths. The inequities in our governmental systems that are causing some to go hungry. A reflection on work/life balance and what that even means, especially when we are home 24/7. How to be a full time parent and hold a full time job when your kids are home — it is an impossible task, especially for women (or the primary caregiver). Being online and ‘connected’ (but without connection) more than ever before. It can feel like too much, I know I am not the only one who has felt like they would be crushed by this year. 

But if you’re reading this, you’ve made it. You survived what you no doubt would’ve thought was unsurvivable just one year ago. You’re here and you get to decide what you want to make this past year mean. You’ve been through hard times before this past year, and no doubt you will again. That is part of this whole human deal. 

Wishing you and your loved ones a happy healthy New Year filled with love and time together!

Lots of love,



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