This is my end of the year ritual

Are you feeling the cozy vibes that accompany fall weather and the holiday season? Or are you feeling the pressure of all the busyness that comes with the holidays, not to mention the completion of a decade (!)?

I fall somewhere between the two, but no matter what’s going on, this time of year is my very favorite. The holidays still make me feel that magical feeling I felt as a kid – a cross between nostalgia + possibility + ease. Even when I’m feeling the squeeze of creating magical holiday experiences for my family + for my clients. 

With the shorter days there’s extra time to tinker in the kitchen (butter cookies were my very favorite), watch a movie (always a 80’s/90’s romcom for me), and a few moments thinking about how this year went and what I’d like more of.

How do you want to end this year?

The last year of the twenty-teens? Can I encourage you to make a few small goals that are totally doable, and that make your day feel a little extra special? That bring you a bit closer to your ideal day? You can totally create + do three small things *just for you* in the next 40 days.

Here’s my goals:

1. sit on the back deck and do nothing but observe the rustling trees (+ falling leaves) for five minutes
2. take a weekend bootcamp class + take myself to a low-key brunch after
3. head to a coffeeshop for a matcha + an hour to read (my absolute favorite pastime – the perfect scenario for this introvert)
4. make cinnamon rolls or pumpkin bars, just because! (I’m gf/df – I’ve linked to my fave gf/df recipes – I bought the cinnamon roll mix locally at Natural Grocer. Thrive Market and Amazon also sell it)
5. watch The Family Stone on a weekend in flannel pajamas (best scene)

Now, go into your calendar and schedule them! 

Like actually write them down and block out time when you’ll do them – and keep that promise to yourself. Create a few special moments for yourself, doing your very favorite things, and see how you feel. I know one thing for sure – you won’t regret taking a few minutes for yourself in the remaining 54,720 minutes left of this year.

Speaking of feelings, I’ve realized this year that I am always seeking a certain feeling. It’s hard to put into words but it’s when I’m feeling connected to myself, grounded, anticipation of what this present moment will bring, a bit of excitement, ease, contentment, and peaceful. That’s not too much to ask for, right??🤪

But seriously, that combination of feelings, which I don’t quite have a word for yet, is what I’m seeking moment to moment. It’s like that magical feeling of possibility I felt as a kid but just in my adult world. It requires an openness that is challenging to maintain, but so worth it. It’s funny but I think we are all seeking what we wanted most in the world as children. Like we can go back and think about what we cared about from 4-6 years old and we’ll find our next step. That might be a little deep but there you go!

ps – if you want to feel like the best gift giver ever, I’ve curated a holiday collection just for you. Each piece is unique – you won’t find them in a big box store – and handcrafted in Texas 🤚. All Moulton pieces go together and you can wear them any way you want! In fact, I love seeing the creative combinations customers come up with.  Feel free to combine colors, styles, wear multiples of the same + make any combination you desire – you can’t go wrong!

You know that feeling of being so excited to share the ‘why’ behind your gift? Of feeling like you have the perfect gift picked out and you are just bursting for the receiver to open it? I want that feeling for you! I want you to be so excited to share that you supported a small business, to share why you picked out what you did, to be so lit up seeing them interact with it for the first time. Giving to our loved ones is one of life’s highlights and my hope is that you spend a few minutes creating whatever experience you desire for your loved ones and yourself this holiday season. 

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