More Than Enough

You are More Than Enough

I have a life secret  to share with you — you are 100% worthy. Right now. In fact, I believe that you’re more than enough. You couldn’t be more enough if you tried, it’s not possible. 

For some reason we believe that we aren’t enough. We aren’t good enough,  we aren’t smart enough, thin enough, rich enough, generous enough, and we believe that we don’t do enough. 

I believe that our brains tell us that we aren’t good enough because they think it will motivate us to be better. To keep striving so that we survive. But what our primitive brains don’t realize is that this belief actually diminishes our lives. It causes us to feel burned out and overwhelmed. To show up with less energy, procrastinate, put off the tasks and work that will really change our lives. And we definitely don’t take care of ourselves when we are feeling burned out or overwhelmed. Then we end up feeling defined as the type of person who has goals but isn’t all in, never really goes for it. Which then reinforces our belief that we aren’t good enough, and we probably never will be. Does this sneaky cycle sound familiar?

Did you know that nothing you do will ever make you feel worthy? I bet you think it will but have real life examples that it won’t. How many times have you accomplished a goal and thought you’d feel a certain way, only to find that you actually still feel inadequate? I know what a major bummer this experience is, and I bet you do too.

Since we get to decide what we think and believe, you can decide to believe that you are already whole and complete. You are as worthy as you’ll ever be. And that your worth was never in question anyway, it couldn’t be, because nothing you do (or don’t do) will make you more or less worthy. You are worthy simply because you exist. 

Let’s take this a step further — you are also 100% loveable. Take a second and notice how you feel when you think that you are already 100% loveable. You don’t have to do (or stop doing) anything in order to be more loveable. 

All of us, literally every single human being, thinks that when we achieve X thing or finally ‘make it’ (whatever that means), that we’ll finally be worthy. That we’ll finally be loveable. This is one of the biggest misconceptions and one that causes A LOT of suffering. 


Here’s the thing — you get to decide. You get to decide if you think you aren’t worthy enough and notice how you feel and what you do when you feel that way. And you can also decide that you are 100% worthy right now (notice how you feel when you think that and what you do when you feel that way). Which one gets you where you want to go? Do you like your reasons for choosing to believe you are unworthy or 100% worthy?

I wanted to share some thought work I’ve done around this topic myself. 

Here’s my unintentional think/feel/do:

  • Think: Growth has been hard lately 
  • Feel: Overwhelmed
  • Do: Ruminate, work harder, less focus on self care, power through in work

Here’s my intentional think/feel/do:

  • Think: I’m becoming more me every day, every moment
  • Feel: Excited
  • Do: open up, share more, keep learning, practice, add rest to my schedule, do thought work

Notice how with my unintentional thought I am making my experience even harder when I feel overwhelmed and do those actions.

With my intentional thought I am showing myself what’s possible.

I much prefer my intentional thought and think/feel/do not only because it feels better, but also because it is much more aligned with how I want to show up in the world. 

So, where do you fall on the spectrum of unworthy — 100% worthy?

Are you at 40%? 80%? Maybe 20%?

Awareness is the first step. Notice what you believe about your worthiness. Notice what you believe about accomplishing your goals. And especially notice if you like your reasons for what you choose (you are always choosing). 


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