Just Three Things

Today I wanted to share a video Pep Talk that I recorded for you. In this video I share with you a new strategy that I’ve been experimenting with to take the pressure off of doing all the things, or only doing things when you can do them perfectly.

We tend to set up goals like this: I want to journal. That turns into I can only journal in peace and quiet and I need to write three full pages when I journal. Does this sound familiar?

What if instead you set goals that seem so small and too easy, like two minute goals, that you’ll do them even when you’re feeling resistance. Consider that a way to start a habit isn’t by diving in and doing it perfectly (or not at all), but actually by dipping your toe in and building self trust as you build your habit muscle. You can build muscle and be kind to yourself in the process. I know this is a revelatory concept to many of us.

In this video I share with you why we need to take the pressure off and just start small. I know that is not exciting! And our brains want to be excited and are excited when we start new habits. But I promise you this is the way that you can actually build sustainable habits that will make you happier, healthier, and feel better.

Scale back to a bite size amount, do it consistently, and watch your life transform.

I read a writing tip once that said to leave some gas in the tank for tomorrow. The idea being that if you go all out today you won’t have much to show up with tomorrow. If you have the habit of ‘draining’ your energetic bank account daily particularly when you’re beginning a new habit, because you’re so excited to go all, how will you feel knowing that you have to show up the same tomorrow? What if instead you left some margin in there at all times? Trusting that it will replenish and trusting that you can show up with moderation and build endurance over time?

Watch this three minute video to learn more and tell me over on instagram one habit that you want to create but it hasn’t clicked for you yet.



  • Are you willing to start small in order to create sustainability and develop a habit with longevity? In the past, why have you decided to only do things 100% or not at all?
  • What’s a goal that you’ve had that you haven’t been able to develop into a habit? Why not?
  • What is the smallest, bite-size, mini goal that you can do pretty much every day to get started on building that habit?

Two Minute Activities to Do for Your Mind/Body/Spirit:

  1. Set a timer for five minutes and write down what you’re thinking about.
  2. Take ten diaphragm breaths with a slow exhale and feel your parasympathetic nervous system turn on.
  3. Take five mindful bites of your dinner β€” really taste your food, chew, put your fork down, be present with those five bites that are nourishing your body.
  4. Walk to the end of your street.
  5. Stretch/do five yoga positions.
  6. Roll out your back and quads.
  7. Lay on a foam roller and open your chest (counteract all the forward time we spend).
  8. Drive to your dream neighborhood and take a walk, and really feel in your body the feelings you have there.
  9. Spend two minutes visualizing a time you were upset with yourself, take a breath, realize that that is your inner critic speaking, feel your toes, and choose to find your inner wisdom.
  10. Watch a documentary (like My Octopus Teacher!)
  11. Listen to an audiobook or read fiction β€” doesn’t have to always be β€˜positive’ or intellectual.
  12. Go to bed crazy early
  13. Take a nap!
  14. Drink a glass of water first thing before drinking or eating anything else
  15. Feel your feet — really feel the sensations on the bottom of your feet.


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