How I Completely Changed My Life in Four Months

My life is completely different. I say that with zero exaggeration. I want to share with you how my life has changed after completing four months of an intensive coaching program.

What’s Different

  • I feel so much LESS identified with my limiting belief stories than I did before coaching. I know that I can create anything I set my mind to.
  • I don’t believe in the starving artist mentality anymore. It’s just so not true.
  • I know exactly how to shift from scarcity and fear into abundance and love (our natural states!).
  • I know how to feel BIG feelings in my body and do what I’m terrified of doing. In spite of my inner critic screaming at me to stop because it truly feels like I might die. The bonus is feeling super alive afterwards.
  • Feeling negative emotions doesn’t stop me from creating my work anymore. I know now that my life should feel like crap about 50% of the time, but I feel like crap and am creating big results.
  • I no longer believe that my work should make me happy. I now know that I need to create happiness in my life outside of work. Work is my chosen method for growth so of course it’s going to stretch me and cause discomfort. Now that I know this I find more joy than ever in my work. But not the quick hits of joy — nope. Instead I feel the deep satisfaction in creating lots of value in my work.
  • I don’t worry about how I’m going to accomplish a goal. I just get to work on what I know right now and I trust that the path will continue to be revealed as I show up and do what I know right now (and I keep believing that it’s working and I’m figuring it out one step at a time).
  • I’ve learned to do less. This one still surprises me. Most of us think that taking loads of action is what accomplishes a goal. And for sure we need to do the work. But what we believe is actually more important. If we’re believing that this probably won’t work anyway, guess what will happen? The other way is to choose beliefs intentionally and then get to work. One of my mottos is: if I’m thinking shitty thoughts and feeling shitty feelings, I don’t bother doing the work because it won’t ‘work’.
  • I’ve learned to see everyone I encounter in their fullest, sparkliest essence. This has been an absolutely magical shift for me that allows me to feel so much love and joy.
  • I allow the parts that I don’t enjoy to just be what they are. I don’t have to love the whole process, but I can (and do) love that it is the vehicle for me to deliver this value.

What’s Also True

I still have some of my old patterns in tact. The difference is that I don’t believe them anymore. It’s just old programming that’s on its way out. Being able to shift out of old patterns that no longer serve me is the most empowering skill I’ve ever learned.

It’s Possible For You Too

My hope is that this inspires you to seek the shifts you’re craving. This is possible for you too – I’m not ‘special’ or ‘different’. If you need help moving through your own stuck phase, reach out to the helpers and the healers. The world needs what you have to offer! Your desires were given to you for a reason and your job is to figure out how to realize them.


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