Confidence is a Crutch

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Relying on Past Experience Kills Self-Confidence

If you rely on being successful on your first attempt you will believe your success is a fluke or you’ll feel like a fraud. Because you’ll believe that you won’t be able to recreate it. Failure is truly the path to freedom. 

Being willing to fail over and over (and over and over) in the name of your relationship with yourself, your goals, and leveling up is what creates unshakeable self-belief, self-trust, and self-confidence. 

When you’re willing to try, choose what to make the result (‘failure’) mean, feel all the feels that come up, reset yourself, try again, fail, feel the feels, and over and over until you figure out the right combination for you it will eventually work. The only way you ‘fail’ is if you quit.

Think of it like a combination lock on a safe. What if you were willing to try every combination of the lock until the one time you nail it: the lock clicks open and your ‘riches’ await you? 

Consider what you make it mean about yourself when you get a combination lock combo wrong over and over? Do you make it mean that you’re a moron and will never be able to open the lock? Or do you make it mean that you can figure it out, you have all the tools you need (your powerful brain being the most important tool), and that you’re going to keep trying until you get it right? You get to choose. 

It really is as neutral as a combination lock — but our brains make it mean so much more about us, which is totally normal, that’s what brains do! Living by default means that your brain will continue to make the data mean something about you, living intentionally means that you choose what you make the data mean. Which will you choose?

Thought Work:

  • Are you willing to try every combination of the lock until the one time you nail it: the lock clicks open and your ‘riches’ await you? What would that look like for you? Make a list if needed.
  • What’s an example of a goal where you relied on confidence (past experience)? What happened?


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