April Review

April has been a busy month personally – I completed a certification, celebrated my birthday, took a weeklong painting workshop, and spent a few nights in a very rustic cabin in Big Sur. And I think I’m finally able to say that we’ve completed our house renovation!

I haven’t shared about this much but I feel like I am in a period of completion – several things in my life seem to be completing, without me having a sense of ‘what’s next’.

It is a practice in one of my biggest life lessons – following my intuitive nudges and trusting the winding path that I’m on (over knowing with certainty what’s next). I have never felt less attached than I do right now – sometimes it feels like flailing, and sometimes it feels like flowing.

[I have been reading this book – so far I’m finding it helpful as I navigate another ‘dark night of the soul’ – but I would say to skip if mentions of ‘God’/organized religion bother you or you don’t have a substitution that feels good for you]

In periods of completion/unknown/dark nights of the soul, a past version of me would be diving headfirst into something to keep myself busy. Unbeknownst to me, that was my go-to unconscious coping mechanism (even a couple years ago, before I became aware of my unconscious habits through coaching).

But I have intentionally set my life up over the past few months to create space for this not knowing to be here. It is unnerving! But it also feels important, and I’m honoring that.

I thought I’d share a few prompts I’m thinking about as we complete the fourth month of the year, and enter into spring (practically summer if you live in Texas like I do 🙃).


  • What’s one lesson I learned this month that I want to take with me?
  • Is there something that is no longer serving me, that I want to leave behind?
  • Has anything ‘showered’ into my awareness this month? [Like April showers bring May flowers – I wonder if anything has come into your awareness that you can use as fertilizer going into next month]
  • Have any intuitive nudges come to me this month? Any new awarenesses – even if I’m not sure what they mean yet?
  • What 1-3 things do I want to make sure I do/complete this upcoming month?

Wishing you a wonderful final day of April, and a happy transition into May.


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