Unlock your creativity.

Turn your long-held dream into reality.

Fully express your creative potential.


This is for the dreamers.

The artists. The creatives. The seekers. Those who take their craft and hone it until it matches the image in their mind’s eye.

The amateurs. The professionals. The creatives who dream daily of another medium to master. Those for whom creation is a calling and it cannot go unanswered.

This is for those who create for the untouchable thrill and yet, instantly feel vulnerable and exposed. For those who dare and those who question, “who am I to even do this?”

This is for the people who bring ideas to life. Those who turn experience and emotions into a tangible reality.


For the meaning-makers.

Those for whom art is catharsis. The ones who maintain their practice as a part of their healing process.

Art becomes a way to explore our pain. Excavate it. Unearth it. Art allows us to purify and purge the grief within our spirit, even when we cannot find the words to describe what we feel inside.

It helps us integrate our mind, body, and spirit, in the face of all endured trials. Art forms a bridge between world and the truths we hold at our core.

Our need to create demands that we make space in our lives that is wholly for ourselves. And with each act of creation, we reclaim and re-establish who we are in this world.


Art makes us human.

It makes us feel. It moves us to tears. It moves us to joy. Art is magic.

It creates meaning within us. It evokes memories. Art tells stories. Art impacts the world. It allows us to envision a different world of our own making, whether that world is large or small. It starts conversations that enact tangible change.

Art is personal. It is an expression of who we are. The transmutation of a whole rainbow of light, color, sound, and matter. It requires that we stand in who we are and keep showing up. It asks us to try and fail and try again. It calls at all times of the day and night, in bursts of passion that cannot be ignored. Art demands that we allow it to come forth.

Art is for everyone, and especially for you.

But if your art has been more frustrating than fulfilling, then you're in the right place.


Hi, I'm Jen Moulton


And having a creative practice has saved me multiple times. First, as a child trying to cope with loss and abandonment. Later, when I was diagnosed with cancer at 24, and multiple times in-between.

As an artist, I know the satisfaction of creation. But I also know the struggles – the doubt, the fear, the feeling of not being good enough and the feeling of being a fraud, despite all indications of success.

I started searching for something, anything that might help me find the creative peace I was looking for. It wasn’t until I experienced being coached that I was able to rediscover myself, my joy, and my creative fulfillment.

Now, I give creatives the structure and confidence they need to overcome creative blocks and achieve their own definition of success.

more about ME

Let me help you get the creative confidence you need to bring your vision to life.

I offer a four-month, private coaching program designed to help creatives define their own success and generate the confidence and momentum necessary to finally achieve their creative goals.


client love

My first sessions with Jen were like a meeting with an old friend. Comfortable, easy. She has created a beautiful landing pad for you to share whatever it is that is holding you back, and to help guide you towards your truth. I showed up with a clear reason behind seeking out coaching and what we uncovered and worked through ended up being so much more. She is a natural listener and communicates ideas with ease. I’m so grateful for my our time together each week, excited to continue progressing towards my big goals!

— Tyler, austin texas