Jen has a true gift for coaching. She's an incredible listener and helped me to surface and objectively see what was keeping me from moving forward, as well as to celebrate the bright spots that I wasn't giving myself credit for. Through Jen's skillful use of tools and worksheets, I was able to build up new skills of working through challenges and continue my progress outside of our sessions. I'm so grateful for our sessions and would highly recommend Jen as a coach.


    Just had an incredible life coaching session with Jen. It’s already aligning me on the path I believe I was meant to be on.


    When I started working with Jen I was feeling really scattered. I had big goals I wanted to achieve but I felt so stuck in the gap between imagining them and actually taking the steps to make them happen. Jen helped me to understand that the resistance I was feeling was actually really normal, which was a relief! She helped me get curious about my emotions instead of being so overwhelmed by them, and she created a really calm and affirming space to explore. Working together gave me the accountability and encouragement I needed to start getting un-stuck and to see how working towards my goals could actually be possible for me.


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