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Hi, I'm Jen Moulton

And having a creative practice has saved me multiple times. First, as a child trying to cope with loss and abandonment. Later, when I was diagnosed with cancer at 24, and multiple times in-between.

As an artist, I know the satisfaction of creation. But I also know the struggles – the doubt, the fear, the feeling of not being good enough and the feeling of being a fraud, despite all indications of success.

I started searching for something, anything that might help me find the creative peace I was looking for. It wasn’t until I experienced being coached that I was able to rediscover myself, my joy, and my creative fulfillment.

Now, I give creatives the structure and confidence they need to overcome creative blocks and achieve their own definition of success.

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Let me help you get the creative confidence you need to bring your vision to life.

I offer a four-month, private coaching program designed to help creatives define their own success and generate the confidence necessary to finally achieve their creative goals.

client love

My first sessions with Jen were like a meeting with an old friend. Comfortable, easy. She has created a beautiful landing pad for you to share whatever it is that is holding you back, and to help guide you towards your truth. I showed up with a clear reason behind seeking out coaching and what we uncovered and worked through ended up being so much more. She is a natural listener and communicates ideas with ease. I’m so grateful for my our time together each week, excited to continue progressing towards my big goals!

— Tyler, austin texas



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