Year 31 Portraits

About a year ago I got this idea to do yearly portraits. I think it came from the realization that we change a bit every year but don’t document it. I know, I know – we all take photos at weddings or selfies while traveling. I’m talking about really capturing a moment in time – a photo to reminisce on where I was at the time, what I looked like, and how I felt. I’ve gotten in photography over the past year and I would say that this yearly ‘project’ is certainly inspired by Sally Mann’s portraiture. She captures real-life images (albeit in a stunning manner) of mundane moments. To me it feels like a celebration of everyday life. What is more important than that? As I get older the saying ‘the days are long but the years are short’ resonates more and more. I blink and a few months have passed, another summer has passed, two and a half months have passed since Europe, etc.

Anyway! I signed us up for a portrait session with my pal Katie Jameson on Matt’s 31st birthday. I love (love love) the way Katie captures people in her portraits and knew working with Katie would be the perfect intro to a yearly portrait. Matt and I haven’t been photographed professionally together since our wedding (five years ago!) and the whole time I was so grateful we were marking this moment in time. This is a special time for us – we just celebrated our five year wedding anniversary, October 15th (tomorrow!) is our 13th anniversary together, Matt is killing it professionally, I spend every day getting closer to aligning my purpose with my work, we are healthy, happy, and have two of the best pups. I am so grateful to Katie for capturing us during this time. I hope this inspires others to begin celebrating the everyday (and taking yearly portraits) as well!

Photos by Katie Jameson. Thank you so much, Katie!!

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