Dear Creative,

I see you daydreaming, planning, thinking + working hard. But feeling like you just can’t quite get there - you haven’t gotten your project off the ground (yet).

Let’s clear this up right now: There is NOTHING wrong with you if you haven't done it yet.

You aren’t incapable and you don’t have some flaw that prevents you from actually making and launching your project.

You have a brilliant idea, and you are highly skilled at what you do, but you just can’t seem to put it together and actually make the thing.

There is so much demand on our time and in our days, now more than ever.

And you don’t have time to meet the demands of what people want from you, and work on the projects that you find most interesting.

You don’t need a program that teaches you how to come up with your next idea, or how to launch an Etsy shop.

What you need is a few pieces of critical information - those last few puzzle pieces that need to snap into place - and a supportive community of Creatives who are as committed and driven as you are. So you can get out of your own way and make the things that matter to you (without burning out).

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In The Creative Collective, we prioritize creativity, community, collaboration, And doing the work.

The Creative Collective is not another course or how-to program with a hundred hours of content so you can learn my way of doing things and execute someone else’s system (rather than discovering your own).

The Creative Collective meets you where you are - you come with your problems, and I’m going to teach you skills most Creatives don’t have (in order to be successful, you need to know how to plan a project and actually execute it in a way that doesn’t take five years to get it done).

It’s possible to:

Make the work that you really want to make (full-time or not), without burnout, and making time to work on the projects you actually want to work on

I can show you how

The Creative Collective is for you if:

— Spend hours alone making by yourself

— Trying to do every single task in the time you have

— Questioning what you’re doing with your life

— Feel like you can’t talk to the people around you because they don’t understand

— You’re tired of feeling like you’re doing it all alone

Asking yourself where are you going?

— Want to see what your idea can become

— And my very favorite: how is doing this going to get you where you want to go?!?

Our creative journeys do NOT need to be fraught with self-doubt, urgency, and looking outside ourselves for answers.

Creatives seem to think there are three paths available to them:




They can be passionate Creatives who don’t find a way to do anything with their gifts

They can find a way to become a Creative who finds a way to make a living, but are burned out by the pace and demands, and lose their passion along the way

They want to find some magical unicorn path that is only available to some *special people* (and you’re not one of them)

There’s another way - YOUR way. And I can help you find it.

Join us

Creative START

Foundational course to teach you how to make your unique Project Plan (the internal AND external work) to take a project idea from concept > real thing using your inner wisdom

Monthly Video Lesson

Learn need-to-know information for the monthly topic (asynchronous video, 10-15 minutes)

Reflect, Review, + Powerfully Plan Your Month

Live monthly workshop where you’ll learn to review the previous month and make a plan for the upcoming month

Monthly Workshop or Challenge

Create an asset or implement the monthly topic to support you in your creative practice + projects

Co-working Session

Come to the calls, video on, mic off, share what you’re going to create/complete and then turn mic off and spend an hour dedicated to making in community.

Open Coaching Call

Come to the call, raise your hand, and get coached on anything you need support with.

Open Hot Seat Call

Come to the call, raise your hand, and I’ll help you strategize a problem you can’t seem to figure out

Ask Jen forum

Write in and ask Jen a question you have or for written coaching at any time.

Resource Library

I’ve created lots of resources (and will continue to) and you are welcome to go into the library and take what you need

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Does this sound familiar?

You want to...

Get into action - work on the project(s) that make your heart sing

You’ve had the idea forever, but you’re not showing up and doing the daily (or weekly) work

Have accountability - work in community

Own your creative identity - integrate your creativity into your identity.

Make time for the projects that matter to you.

Believe ‘my work MATTERS’ and feel empowered to own your ideas, creativity, and that you make time to do the work that makes buzz around for the rest of the day.

But, you are BUSY. There is no shortage of people who want your time, attention, make requests of you, someone to take care of, your partner needs something, demands from your career, taking care of family, household needs, the list goes on... Your work comes last, and you’ve been mourning that for a while now.

There is something magical when you declare, ‘Oh, I can’t do all those things right now because I belong to a program and there’s a live call that I’m getting on, and I’m not missing this window to work on my passion project’.

become a member

This program is for women who:

— Identify as a Creative

— Are finding a way to make their project ideas real things

— Have the desire to do their creative work - whether that’s full-time or on the side

It doesn’t matter if you work in 2-D or 3-D mediums (or work in both). You will be heartily welcomed into the group if you meet those criteria.

Just a note: the Creative Collective is NOT for Creatives who don’t know what they want to make or are trying to figure out how to sell on Etsy. I love you, and want you to know that we all start there. But this group is specifically for Creatives who are committed to taking their ideas into the professional sphere, but haven’t gotten their project off the ground or don’t have time because of their marriage/kids/commitments/every other responsibility is taking up their time.

If you are just starting out, I have lots of resources for you!


Will group calls help me?

You’ll get just as much from what others bring to the call as you do from what you bring. My favorite thing about belonging to groups like the Creative Collective is realizing that we humans are very similar - we have similar doubts, limiting beliefs, inner experiences, and ways of viewing things. Sometimes hearing someone else talk about their thing will help you discover, and shift, it in yourself.

Is this for me if I don’t work full-time in my creative business?

Whether you’re working full-time for yourself (or not), if you want to be a member of a vibrant creative community and prioritize work that makes your heart sing, you will be warmly welcomed inside The Creative Collective.

What if I don’t feel ready to share my work?

Let’s clear this up right now! In this community, you don’t have to be “impressive,” you don’t have me to make me feel good and loved and like a great teacher - this is a supportive place for you to be you, do you, and make what you want to make.

How do I know if The Creative collective is for me?

If going to the scholastic book fair as a kid was like waking up on a holiday morning, you will find your people in CC. But seriously, if you have a question that isn't answered here, email hello@jenmoulton.com and I will give you my honest feedback.

What are the monthly topics?

Everyone begins with learning Creative START - the foundational course that teaches you how to make your unique Project Plan (the internal AND external work) to take a project idea from concept > real thing using your inner wisdom. Creative START will run LIVE for the first cohort, and in the future it will be self-study.

Future monthly topics include: Getting into Action, Courageous Action, Emotional Resilience, Compassionate Inner Guide, Your WHY, Project Ideation, Defining Your Core Values, Flow, and more.

What do I get when I join the Creative Collective?

Everything you get is listed right HERE

Will i get 1:1 time with Jen?

Yes - I answer 100% of your questions:

- We have at least one group call per week (often two)

- You can submit a question any time in the Ask Jen forum

- If there is interest, I might make individual 1:1 session available for booking

How do I cancel?

You can cancel your subscription at any time with no questions asked by clicking a button inside the portal, and you’ll never be charged again. You'll have access to The Creative Collective until the end of your billing period.

is there a refund policy?

There are no refunds. The Creative Collective is an information product and service, and therefore can't be returned.

What is the call schedule like?

Every month is different to allow for different scheduled, here’s an example of what a monthly call schedule might look like:

You don’t have to do it alone anymore. Why would you want to?

Especially when you can do it in community with other Creatives. Imagine a zoom room filled with other Creatives making their art alongside you. It’s going to be so magical - we get to borrow from each other’s motivation, dedication, drive, and flow. And you bring your special recipe/equation to the calls.

What we make together will be greater than the sum of the parts we each bring.

join the collective

Hi, I'm Jen

And I am obsessed with making my passion project ideas into real things.

Over the years I’ve launched jewelry collections, made and sold pottery, collaborated with Madewell, launched a podcast, wrote part of a book, created programs, and more.

I believe that the world needs what we have to offer, and we are responsible for making our ideas real things that contribute and touch the lives of other people.

I would’ve died and gone to heaven to find someone who could teach me all this (this is my WHY).

All those years I sat sitting at a jewelry bench, making work I felt compelled to make, overwhelmed by the demands of life and launching jewelry collections 2x/year, collaborating with brands, and growing wholesale.

I spent my time asking:

— What am I doing with my life?
— What am I even working towards?

— Why am I doing this?

I felt so compelled to make my work, but I didn’t have any belief in why I was doing it.

It crushes me to think back on that - the work I was making was so special, it mattered, and all I needed to do was keep going.

Keep trusting myself and doing what I had hunches about.

Allow the journey to unfold beneath my feet as I walked.

That’s exactly what I want for you.

My goal is for every Creative to have access to what they need to learn, and the on-going support to implement and execute.

It’s what I sought for ages when I was a jeweler working solo and spending hours and hours (alone) at my jewelry bench.

I wanted someone to help me take all of my ideas and make them real, and to support me in overcoming the crippling self-doubt that I felt - that I KNEW was limiting me.

I never did find it, so I have dedicated myself to creating that space for others over the past few years.

We're aren't meant to do it alone.